We are a family business with roots five generations deep in Montana agriculture.  The inspiration and ingredients for our spirits come from the Montana landscape but our love of small-batch spirits has taken us far and wide.  Read More…
  • Science, Art & Craft

    The chemistry and craft behind traditional distilling methods combine science, art and a measure of mystery. Our love of this ancient heritage has led us to seek the finest still, the best raw materials, and hands-on training from master distillers in Scotland and elsewhere.

  • An Item of Paramount Concern

    Spirits played a central role in the history of Missoula and the Rocky Mountain West, where logging and mining wealth was intimately linked with a culture of extravagant mixed drinks. We enjoy carrying on this colorful tradition.

  • “We went searching for drinks that were representative of their place. If there were such a thing as cocktail terroir, that’s what we wanted: original creations made with local spirits, homemade ingredients and infusions, and, above all, attention to detail.”
    -New York Magazine, April 15, 2013